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Summer Breeze (makes me feel fine)

I’ve been busy lately. Too busy to blog. I’ve been drawing. Creating things. Creating dreams, making plans. I’ve been off being unfaithful, with my new blog #mybeautifulmidlifecrisis . I felt a bit guilty. I realised that if I didn’t blog … Continue reading

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In The Night Garden Live family tickets – and The Winners are …

 Manchester Trafford Centre : Katherine Grieve Cardiff Bute Park : Jim Osman Congratulations to Katherine and Jim who both win family tickets for four people to see In The Night Garden Live at Manchester Trafford Centre and Cardiff Bute Park … Continue reading

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As I walked out

of the back door yesterday morning I was greeted with a glorious sight Anathema to anyone of the weed-banishing school of gardening,but beautiful to me.  I don’t really ‘do’ weeds,to be honest. I’m of the ‘a weed is just a plant in … Continue reading

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COMPETITION NOW CLOSED – winners to be announced shortly – Win Family Tickets for In The Night Garden LIVE!!!

I’m VERY excited.  Those of you who are familiar with my witterings on Twitter may have caught my weekday,mid-morning updates as to the current state of play In The Night Garden.  I do like to keep you all informed – When the Tittifers have sung … Continue reading

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A few years ago I was co-ordinating the Children’s Area at a local gardening show. I wanted to create a space for the younger visitors that was accessible,welcoming and inspiring. I wanted the children and younger visitors to feel that it was their space and that … Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung

Spring has spring. Hallelujah! I couldn’t resist showing you a few pictures from the Welsh garden,compliments of the season. And in case you’re wondering, I havn’t given up on The Book.In fact I’ve started it. But it’s so hard keeping out of the … Continue reading

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1 today!

This blog is one years old . Woo Hoooo! I’m not sure if it’s the correct exactly-a-year-ago-to-the-day date or anything; in fact it probably isn’t – but around about a year ago today I posted the very first In A Welsh … Continue reading

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And The Eastern Bloc Kitchen of the Year Award goes to …..

I’d like you to meet our cooker.  His name’s Bernard.   Hang on I’d better stop right there. That’s going a bit far, even for me.   We do have a cooker but we don’t call it Bernard. Nope, not even here, … Continue reading

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Authors for Japan

Somebody that I know from my Twitter Life has done something amazing. That somebody is the lovely @Keris, and you can see what she has created if you click on the Authors For Japan widget. Please support it if you can. … Continue reading

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Eat Me

Ingredients A new year and all that , resoloutions and directions. Lately I’ve been thinking alot about motivation. Being lazy.  Self belief . Lack of confidence. Navel gazing. Is there something that you think that you just can’t do?  That you’re just ‘not good at’ ?  … Continue reading

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