a river of stones

Number One  – January 4th :

A sea serpent of hoover cable spews out my child’s wellington boot 

#aNuros    aros


Number Two – January 5th :

Panic! Panic! A call to arms  Sweep up the babies Push out the house Fire Alarm! Fire Alarm! Stomach pit sick flip       -Stop.                 False alarm 

#aros    aros


Number Three – January 6th 


is that a bichon frise           curly-whiskered   dog-food-messy-mouthed     rubbish-bin snout-shuffler

neon yellow plastic thing        who threw you there

Push     the pram         i am my mother                  Who am I

Rock Salt!         Order Now!                   Why

#aros aros


Number 4 – January 7th

Walking       Suddenly Awoken        a large messy raindrop lands on my head      

like a blessing to a child from a benevolent priest    

#aros aros


Number 5 – January 8th 2011

By the lake    

The child says   ‘Lets’s sit here’      cross-legged        decisive      determined

Spotting book to Duck      back to spotting book     back to duck again   

Hm.     Not Sure. 

#aros    aros


Number 6 – January 9th 2011

Walking on pavement                looking up ahead

the child moves further away        

with each sandpaper skip

aros #aros


6 Responses to a river of stones

  1. Aw, thankyou so much – that’s really encouraged me to crack on and stop cringeing from behind my metaphorical sofa at what I’m writing : )

  2. Kath says:

    Like that! You’re off to a great start.

  3. Kath – Thankyou so much for your continued encouragement, it means a lot, and although I know it’s down to me to get my you-know-what into gear it really helps when friends like your good self are so supportive.Big Thankyou x

  4. Fiona Robyn says:

    Great stuff. And you might like tomorrow’s post at the blog… for humans like us!

  5. Hi Fiona : ) Thankyou for your lovely comment – the ‘A River of Stones’ project is a thing of rare beauty, Thankyou so much for bringing this to ,and sharing it, with us all : ) It has given me the courage to dare to put some of my writing out there – but more than anything I am loving reading other peoples ‘stones’ – uplifting ,inspiring and perfect.

    I shall look forward to tomorrow’s blog post – I am intrigued … : )

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