As I walked out

of the back door yesterday morning I was greeted with a glorious sight

Anathema to anyone of the weed-banishing school of gardening,but beautiful to me. 

I don’t really ‘do’ weeds,to be honest. I’m of the ‘a weed is just a plant in a place that you don’t want it to be’ school of thought. I actively like a lot of supposed weeds and leave them alone to get on with it. But then we have that kind of garden. I like dandelions and buttercups – they’re pretty and they add colour. I like to see daisies covering the lawn although they don’t last long before they take a hit from the lawnmower. I leave areas of nettles and we get plenty of butterflies visiting the garden because of it.  The only weeds that I can’t abide are bindweed and ground elder which get short shrift from me. I curse at the binweed trying to strangle my flowers. Evil plant. And ground elder is the bain of my life – I do not think that we will ever be truly rid of it in this garden. It lives here, it has put down roots. Literally. 

There are flowers here that have just arrived from nowhere,plonked themselves down and made themselves at home. I like that. Put your feet up. Do you fancy a cuppa?

The pink ones above,they arrived.

And the cornflowers,that aren’t actually cornflowers as such,but are centaurea montana,a relative of. They pop up in gardens, so I am told. Well they’ve certainly popped up in ours this year. They are beautiful,a blinding indigo blue.

So that’s it really. I just wanted to show you our weeds. I hope you enjoyed them.


About In a Welsh Garden

Artist,Illustrator,Pro-face and body painter,Blogger and Happy Gardener : )
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2 Responses to As I walked out

  1. A weed is only a plant in the wrong place, and yours are clearly plants in the right place, much loved and adored! Gorgeous photos!

  2. Beautiful! Can you persuade some of those cornflower-alikes to ‘pop up’ in my garden please!

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