I shouldn’t … but I will

I shouldn’t but I will:  blog about Eurovision.

I shouldn’t because: I probably won’t bring anything of any note to the Eurovision (buffet) table.

But I will because: I love the Eurovision Song Contest with all of my heart.

I *heart* Eurovision.

I *heart* Eurovision in the same way that I *heart* fairylights.

My love affair with Eurovision started in 1976 when as a five year old I watched Brotherhood of Man storm to Euro-victory with the dodgy ‘Save All Your Kisses For Me’. They were all flares and dentures and Tommy Steel-esque toe tapping. I thought that they were Fab. And that Eurovision was Fab. And there and then my fate was sealed.

There have been many memorable years since my induction into the delights of the Eurovision Song Contest.  We all remember the year that Bucks Fizz won with that nice Cheryl Baker and that slightly slutty Jay Aston getting those dirndl skirts whipped off by those two bottle-blonde perma-grinned moptops. Don’t we? 

And the UK’s return to glory after a fallow spell with Katrina and The Waves lovingly shining their light in every corner of the world? But my favourite Eurovision year has to be 1998 – a vintage year that saw not only the born-to-win-Eurovision Dana International seize the Euro crown for Israel but also the fabulous Guildo Horn telling us how much he loved us all, in German,with the aid of a fine set of cowbells. If it had been any other year Guildo would have been the rightful winner of the Euro- crown.

But Dana won it,and it felt only right that she did. Eurovision had come home, and Dana had won it for all of us Song-Contest-Glitter-Loving Freaks. Viva La Diva indeed Dana, You Go Girl. And she did.

After Dana it all went a bit off track. A couple of hundred new Euro-countries joined the contest and all proceeded to vote for each other. Sir Terry of Woganshire left. That was a sad day for us all. But this year they’ve changed the voting. Half panel half public vote. There is hope that a rogue Western European country may sneak through the Eastern European blockade and once more claim the Euro crown.

My money’s on JedWard, and they are representing Ireland, which historically helps their chances a fair bit.

So we’ll have to see,anyway,won’t we.  It’s on tomorrow night, Saturday 14th May 2011. I’m so excited. We have flag bunting. We have hats. Eldest helped with those. We have score sheets. We have the components of a Euro-buffet sitting waiting in the fridge. I’m about to sort out a few spot prizes. And get my stash of Euro-kitsch down from the attic. I might do a photo montage or two of Sir Terry, to grace the loo seat.

 Ooh I love Eurovision, I do.  Do you love it too? Do You? Do tell. Please. You know you want to.


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1 Response to I shouldn’t … but I will

  1. Oh brilliant! What are you like???!!?? Terry Wogan on the loo seat … lol!! I’m just a tad older than you so I remember Cliff not winning with ‘Congratulations’, Sandy Shaw’s ‘Puppet on a String’ when I was teeny and of course, the glory that was Abba’s ‘Waterloo’.
    I suspect I will, against my better judgement, be sucked into watching it, if only to see what on earth Jedward are going to do (an act more perfect for Eurovision, it’s hard to imagine). I’m afraid I don’t have the fondness for it that you do, but I hope you have a wonderful Eurovision party!!

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