Pink Bluebells,Blue Comfrey and Easter eggs

Hyacinthoides hispanica Pinky Woo

Symphytum 'Hidcote Blue' - Comfrey

I’ve always loved Spring flowers,especially wild ones. Daffs, Cowslips,Primroses,Forget-Me-Nots…Bluebells. When I was little  there used to be plenty of bluebells growing around our rather wild garden. I can still remember the pink blubell that used to grow at the side of the driveway, surrounded by blue ones year on year.  It was my favourite.I loved the craziness of a bluebell being pink. It seemed like magic had been at work.  We used to get a few white bluebells too. I quite liked these, but not so much as I liked the pink ones. They were rare and precious treasures amongst the blue.

There are lots of bluebells in the Welsh Garden. Every year,after the riot of yellow daffs and Grape Hyacinths (Muscari) have died back, we get the carpets of blue. Bluebells and Forget-Me-Nots. There is a reassuring predictability at work. Every year it’s the same.

We have Spanish bluebells (Hyacinthoides hispanica)in the Welsh Garden. Not native (English) ones. Introduced onto British soil in 1680,there is a lot of fuss about genetic pollution between native bluebells and Spanish ones. It’s a bit like the thing with grey squirrels usurping the native red.The squirrel thing isn’t good but with bluebells it doesn’t bother me much. Perhaps that’s irresponsible. But they are all beautiful to me. I can’t see the harm in a bit of inter-mingling. Having said that I wouldn’t go and dump a load of Spanish bluebell bulbs in the middle of an indigenous bluebell wood. No guerilla gardening warfare for me.

It is supposed to be some kind of intermingling that creates the pink bluebell – a misnomer if ever there was one. I tried to find out about the wierd alchemy that throws up the precious pink ones but the general consensus seems to be it’s just one of those things that happens sometimes in nature. Thanks for that,Google. If anybody reading this knows more than this please do tell me, because I’d love to know. And I can’t be bothered going past the first page of Google to find out.

Thanks to the previous custodians we have an abundance of Comfrey growing in the Welsh Garden. We use it to create a ‘green’ fertiliser – chop the leaves,throw into the barrel,drain the juice and add 20 parts water,then chuck over the ground.Our Comfrey has pink flowers. I thought that this was usual until I spotted comfrey with blue flowers at the weekend – absolutely gorgeous, thought that you may like to see it.

And finally…. Easter Eggs. Eldest = Busy. And Gets Bored Easily. Hence,painted eggs. Easy to do – we used clear wax to draw images upon hard boiled eggs and then dipped the eggs in food colouring,leaving them for around ten minutes in each colour,and layering the colours as we went. Eldest loved it, I loved it. Win-Win. I recommend. Right Pagan. Happy Easter.


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6 Responses to Pink Bluebells,Blue Comfrey and Easter eggs

  1. What a lovely post to read this Good Friday!
    I’m impressed by the home-made eggs – I’ve read how to do it, but never had the patience.
    We have lots of bluebells here, too, growing from walls at the side of the streets as well as in gardens. Only occasionally do we see a pink one, though.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. elizabethm says:

    I love your eggs. They are absolutely beautiful. Love spring flowers too. Our bluebells are gradually growing in a corner of the field and will take over when the daffodils leave off. I just want to hang on to every moment of spring!

  3. Hello Welsh Garden! I’ve been listening to the talk about the bluebells on the radio. I think it is more that the english ones will disappear eventually, along with their particular shade of blue and their scent. This year my garden has thrown up bluebells which I never planted and I am sure they are all Spanish ones, so who knows how they got there? I’ve seen pink ones and pale violet ones down in the woods too. There are so many alien species here, but isn’t that the way of nature and bought in plants from all over the world, whether it’s the potato, or alexanders, brought by the Romans, or even seeds deposited by migrating birds? Anyway, I adore those eggs, they are bee utiful! Have a lovely Easter 🙂

  4. Squirrelbasket – Aw,Thankyou : ) I hope that you get chance to try out the eggs – they are great fun to do, and it’s really relaxing activity too – I definately enjoyed it as much as Eldest did. A very Happy Easter to you : ) x

  5. Elizabethm – Thankyou, they were great fun to do! And very easy – don’t know why we havn’t done them before really,but definately one that we’ll repeat again. It got a repeat request from Eldest so it must have held her attention (no mean feat) : )

    I love Spring too. I’m always rather sad when the daffs die back and the bluebells dry up – it seems to be such a short time that they are blooming. Something in there for me about enjoying the moment I think! Enjoy your beautiful garden,I love reading about it and seeing pictures on your blog x

  6. Hello Joanna Mrs ZebsBakes : ) Happy Easter! Your comment about the scent of bluebells threw up a scent-memory of Penhaligon’s Bluebell – strange what the brain can do!

    If you have ‘new’ bluebells in your garden then they probably are Spanish (or possibly a hybrid?)as they are prolific – we have new areas of them springing up every year, and they seem to divide (I do believe that the correct horticultural term may be ‘naturalizing’?)and spread at a speedy rate. I agree about it being the way of nature – I’ve always been drawn to fusion in art/music/art/ – and matters cullinary too – it makes for a vibrant,exciting mix.

    I hope that you have a fab Easter – I am expecting Simnel cake and chocolate eggs on your blog ; ) x

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