And The Eastern Bloc Kitchen of the Year Award goes to …..

I’d like you to meet our cooker.  His name’s Bernard.

(This isn't our Bernard. I daren't show you a picture of our Bernard. He's filthy.)


Hang on I’d better stop right there. That’s going a bit far, even for me.   We do have a cooker but we don’t call it Bernard. Nope, not even here, at Three Sheets Central.  Perhaps I’d better try a different tack.

‘This is our cooker. It’s a bit rubbish. It’s very old. I’d like a new one.’  That’s more like it.

It was in this ‘I want I want’ frame of mind that,just before Christmas, I took a stroll over to the blog of my good friend Caroline Smailes. There I joined the queue for a new cooker.  Perhaps I’d better explain.

Just before Christmas the very lovely people at Appliances Online  delivered a fantabulous new cooker to the Smailes household. 

Caroline shared all about it in a blog post. It all sounded fab. There were comments, many comments. I confess that I didn’t read them all. I started at about half way down. By this stage everybody seemed to be asking for a new cooker. So I thought I’d join in and ask for one too. It seemed to be the done thing.  As it was near Christmas I was also slightly innebriated at the time(nothing worthy of rehab you understand, I’m just talking a small sniffter of sherry) and in this happy state I confess that I was a little free and easy with the dishing out of the old festive comments.  I’ll translate: I blew a festive cyber kiss to Appliances Online. It could have been worse; at least there wasn’t a photocopier around.

Fast forward to two days ago. Mr In A Welsh Garden and I were having our usual moan about The State Of The Kitchen.  We like to have a moan about the kitchen. It’s the same kitchen that we inherited when we moved in. We bought the house on its potential  and then we had two sproglets in quick succession – you can guess the rest. It’s still the same kitchen.

The cooker – Bernard – no, look,I’m sorry, I’m going off on one again, it’s been a long day – we also inherited, and he – I’m sorry – it – is truly a sight to behold.  I don’t know if it’s polite to mention a cooker’s age,but it looks like a 1950’s baby to me. It’s a handsome thing, kind of,but it’s a bit fooked*,if you’ll pardon the french. It’s too far gone to carry off the ‘cool vintage thing’- and the rest of the hovel sorry kitchen lets the side down on that front. We won’t be making the front cover of Country Living any time soon.

So, anyway,Mr and I were playing our favourite game of ‘when we’ve got some money, we will’ . And the cooker came  up for discussion. I thought of Caroline’s cooker from Appliances Online. I had a quick look at their website.They have a YouTube vid on their site that is simple and effective in explaining what they do.

We havn’t ordered a cooker yet. But when we are ready to order one we’ll take a look at the site again. The main draw for me would be that it sounds relatively hassle-free, and I always like the sound of that.

Until then it’s just you and me Bernard. And the Eastern Bloc Kitchen of The Year …

* – ‘fooked’ doesn’t count as proper swearing. Honest. (It’s Manc(unian)swearing and that’s different).


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One Response to And The Eastern Bloc Kitchen of the Year Award goes to …..

  1. No no no, you don’t want a new cooker – you want a really old one! Over the winter we’ve been running a bakery using a 1950’s (?) woodstove… it’s been a real experience, some great as we get the wood from our own woods and all it costs is time, and some bad as we only moved here in November so have been burning pretty green, wet and sappy wood and really struggling to get it up to temp on some days. We had a flue fire a few weeks back to, just after I joined the volunteer fire service. No, I didn’t call it through like I should have, would have been way too embarassing, just shut all the drafts off then shot an extinguisher up the chimney.
    If you do however opt for the mod con route we used these guys for our last range cooker before we left the UK;
    And I always kept an eye on comets auctions too, , although I don’t think I ever bought anything from them!

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