There’s a worm at the bottom of the garden

There are lots of worms at the bottom of our garden. We also have Darleks.

Davros and Davros


Today we checked out what the D & D Partnership had yielded – take a look at this beautiful stuff…

Three years in the making… and look at it now! It is muck of great beauty. Compost. The word even smells earthy.

We got D & D from our local council three years ago. They cost a (subsidised) £9 each.  Since taking up residence they have been fed all kinds of crap.  Teabags, Pet hair, food waste, rotting windfall,garden waste,cardboard (ripped up) – it’s all been chucked in on an almost daily basis.  With the odd Ponk with a pitchfork every now and again.

And now, three years later (it doesn’t have to take three years by the way, it’s just that we’d been a bit lazy and had left it that long) we have been rewarded with this rich beautiful stuff. Doncha just love that whole Circle of Life thing you get on the go with composting? Grow Eat Compost Grow    Grow Eat Compost Grow … love it. Just as it should be. Very satisfying. The stuff has Happy-inducing powers.  

I’ll be using it to pot up and plant over the next few days.

* * * * * *

It’s been a blessed relief to get back into the garden after a long and very snowy winter.

Things are starting to grow.

The air hangs heavy with promise. I feel excited.


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Artist,Illustrator,Pro-face and body painter,Blogger and Happy Gardener : )
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5 Responses to There’s a worm at the bottom of the garden

  1. Hi, missed your posts! That’s some serious compost you’ve got there, what’s your secret? I have an earthmaker and it works but our compost is always very wet – maybe it’s the time yours has had maturing…. It’s so wonderful to be outside in the garden again xx J

  2. Hello Joanna! Lovely to hear from you : ) It is indeed lovely to be back in the garden (properly,in a growing capacity) – what are your gardening plans for the coming season? I am guessing that you will be growing all kinds of fab things with which to create a whole host of cullinary delights! I look forward to hearing all…

    Is an earthmaker a brand name (forgive my ignorance please)or a type of composter? I’m only familiar with the darlek type or using a pallett constructed hot heap… I’m always interested to hear about compost ..I have a little book, I will dig it out and see what it says on the wet compost dilemma front as I know that it has various trouble shooting tips – it could be to do with quantities of green matter – well I’m guessing here – to woody matter?? I may be totally wrong though…I think I’d better go and check what the book says and report back… : D

  3. Sorry, yes earthmaker is a brand name, and they seem to have got very expensive since we got ours. It’s a three chambered Darlek relation… the mice like to live in it too when it is cold. We’ve been moving shrubs about and squabbling about whether to plant a new fruit tree or not, and done some clearing up outside and that’s about it for now. Vegetables? apart from the garlic and a row of teeny leeks, – mm they’re still in seed form.

  4. Bec says:

    My compost bin was the first thing I bought when I moved in with the boy (what a geek!) and I stil get excited about it 🙂 It’s exactly the same as yours and was cheap as chips as well thanks to the council deal. Unfortunately ours gets a bit overcome with rabbit poop and the newspaper litter tray pellets but it’s not too bad when it comes out the other end!

  5. Hi Bec – it is lovely to hear from another Compost-er and a blessed relief to hear that I am not alone in getting excited about the stuff – I shall pop over to your blog for a little visit later on… : )

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