Since last we met ..

. . . It’s been Yuletide , Winter Solstice , Christmas , Hanukkah , Holidays – and it’s snowed a hell of a lot.  Chez the Welsh Garden, on the festival front, we singled out Winter Solstice and Christmas for special attention. Having said that I’ll celebrate anything as long as there are fairy lights involved ; I’m not fussy.

We had a tree, of course, ‘The Tree’ – not a real one , a falsey. With decorations, old and new. Quite a few homemade ones this year. Austerity Britain, and all that.

I even decked the halls with boughs of holly. Sort of. The door anyway. And mistletoe, a sprig. It didn’t see much action.

Mince Pies were baked and cranberries slurbled and glooked on the stove into a sauce-mess until Globby Fine (that one was for you Jan).  Presents were opened and chocolates were scoffed. And a fine old time was had by all.

 Sorry it’s all over. Still, Happy New Year! Bring on 2011. Can’t wait for that VAT increase.


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Artist,Illustrator,Pro-face and body painter,Blogger and Happy Gardener : )
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6 Responses to Since last we met ..

  1. Jenni says:

    What a beautiful post with such gorgeous pictures!

  2. Jan says:

    I love your decorations and I always turn up for fairy lights too – they make me happy
    (I don’t confine them to Christmas). Thank you for the slurble and glook – it made me laugh. I did a bit of slurbling with my grandchildren this weekend and was able to offer a totally handmade biscuit to their Dad with the aside that his middle daughter spat out some raw rolled oats and they landed and disappeared into the mix! Globby fine was a very good description for them. Happy New Year to your snowy household from me and mine(not at all snowy but sweaty and damp). I look forward to keeping company with you and your writing and photos – great pleasure.

  3. Happy New Year ! Shh.. it’s snowing again… shall we go back and do Christmas all over ….?

    I particularly like the snowman, is he/she papier mache? Takes me back years to making happy messes with balloons and newspaper 🙂 your decorations look so beautiful – must be that artist’s eye 😉

    I always want to leave the fairy lights up all year too. I love the way they transform a room and make you smile.

  4. Hello Joanna : ) and indeed all at ZebsBakes (including the very lovely Zeb) –

    A Very Happy New Year to you all too!

    Mr Snowman is indeed papier mache – and was a very happy mess in the making. Yes to balloons and newspaper. Having said that ,I’m sure that I remember using wall paper paste as a child – but now use PVA, quicker to dry and seems to produce a much hardier (and harder)end product I find.

    Eldest and I made Mr S together over a number of days and then I filled it with chocolates and little surprises that I’d picked up throughout the year and squirelled away – Mr S then graced the Christmas table over Christmas and helped to keep little people amused at the dinner table : ) We shall definately be wheeling him out next year for another outing.

    As for fairylights – ah, leave them up all year ! I confess that I do ; they are shiny happy things and we could all do with a bit of that I think : )

  5. Hi Jan – And A Very Happy New Year to You and Yours too !

    I hope that Dad enjoyed his handmade biscuit – I do find that it is those extra added ‘secret ingredients’ that give that extra bite : D

    I am very happy to hear of another fairy lights fan – I have a blog post coming up very shortly that I think that you may enjoy *my lips are sealed* (you’ll have to wait and see)..

  6. Hi Jenni – Hello – And A Happy New Year to You !

    Thanks for your lovely comment – I am glad that you enjoyed the post & thanks for stopping by : )

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