Lurkers and Pointers and Daffodill Bulbs

Here are the latest pictures of the Lurkers. (They are the moon-faced bog-trotters).

 Aren’t they doing well? Give us a twirl ,Anthea. You can’t say the H word in front of them though. 

And this is Carlos .

Carlos has pointy ears. Carlos is the Custodian of the Lurkers. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it.

Shame he couldn’t do a spot of weeding while he’s there.

Carlos likes to sit and watch while the daffodill bulbs are planted. He has a lot of time on his hands.

Then he likes to give everything a good sniff.

Then he gets going because he has better things to do.


About In a Welsh Garden

Artist,Illustrator,Pro-face and body painter,Blogger and Happy Gardener : )
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22 Responses to Lurkers and Pointers and Daffodill Bulbs

  1. Preseli Mags says:

    What a beautiful cat. I am very jealous of your lurkers. Mine failed dismally this year.

  2. Preseli Mags – Ooh, Hello there – I was visiting your blog last night (got interrupted though by pesky child)so plan to return later on as part of The Nut Press shindig : D

    Thankyou for your lovely comments about Carlos (cat) and The Lurkers. They (although not entirely sure who ‘they’ are) do say that to be a proper blogger you aren’t meant to blog about your cats but I’m afraid that I frequently blog about mine. They are very nice.

    Not sure what the secret to successful lurkers has been this year as last years were non-starters here. Maybe Carlos (cat)has been adding a little special something extra to the soil as part of his custodial duties . It wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. Emma says:

    Love your blog, and especially the handsome Carlos.. what a guy!

  4. Lurkers in the garden means something quite different around here! I’d never heard of them before as something you plant.

    It’s good to see beautiful thoughtful-looking Carlos taking his job so seriously and thanks to you and Preseli Mags for dropping by The Nut Press Blog Party already!

  5. Hi Emma – why Thankyou, on both counts!

    I have just checked out your blog home page (super-quickly as I have to go somewhere very shortly – but am planning a proper visit this evening as I have a blog crawl lined up)and Lavender biscuits caught my eye straight away – I have a lavender ‘fondness’ (can’t use the other ‘f’ word that ends in ‘sh’ as it may attract some visitors with ‘interesting’ interests,if you get my drift) so I shall look forward to reading that post at leisure this evening : )

  6. Hello Kath, You Party Host,You : D

    I have heard of those other Lurkers of whom you speak. I have also heard that they sometimes remove things from washing lines.

    I am glad that you can see how seriously Carlos takes his custodial duties. Sometimes He & Cassie (other black cat) work shifts.

    I am looking forward to the party/ blog crawl this evening but am going easy on the Thunderbird as I don’t want to make a show of myself.

    See you later!

  7. Ello @inawelshgarden, it’s @cardiffbites just popping in from @katheastman’s party to ogle your lovely pics. Carlos looks a handsome chap 😀
    This is the first year of my own little Welsh garden and I’m amazed how much we’ve managed to grow in tubs in our postage stamp size garden (and oh so tasty!) Can’t wait to get ready for winter and then start ordering more seeds ready for next year!

  8. Why, Hello there @cardiffbites – you ogle away love , and if you enjoy a courgette or a tomato I’ve got some ‘specialist’ pics that you might like on earlier posts. *Ahem*

    Carlos is indeed a handsome beast. Quite Dr Spock like about the ears though. Not neccessarily a bad thing , all things considered.

    I would love to hear more about your garden. Seriously. I would. Especially if you are cooking with what you grow. I love it in the height of summer when I can pick our evening meal (cherry tomatoes, courgettes, garlic, basil,plus salad – rocket, lollo rosso and cucumber)from the back garden /greenhouse. Bag of pasta from the cupboard and a bit of Welsh oil (discovered this recently, and LOVE it) and we’re good to go. I know that that might sound a bit smug but really it isn’t because the reality is that it’s bloody hard work getting everything planted and growing and keeping growing and it’s just such an un-smug pleasure picking it.Just feels great.

    Well, I am now revving up for my blog crawl this evening. It might all get a bit messy.

  9. Hello, I’m here from the Nut Press party. Oh, just realised that makes me sound like I’m canvassing for politics – I’m not, honestly. Although I won’t turn down tea and biscuits. And I think I’m in love with your Carlos, who looks very much like my own Abraxus only with more fur and less snarl.

  10. When you say Welsh oil, lovely InA, do you mean the stuff they pipe through from Milford Haven? 😀

  11. Nicki says:

    Well this year has seen us grow (with varying levels of success):
    mixed salad leaves, radishes, pak choi, courgettes, cobnut squash, carrots, potatoes, French beans, beetroot, tomatoes, courgettes and cucumbers.
    I agree there is nothing like cooking your own produce knowing you only picked it minutes before and that it’s full of goodness & not been hanging about in a warehouse somewhere!
    It’s not pretentious – it was a way of life 60 years ago!

  12. Christina says:

    Hi, I’m from the Nut Press party too 🙂

    Carlos is absolutely gorgeous! I do wish I could have a cat (or several), but since I have three dogs it just wouldn’t work at the moment. Maybe I could borrow Carlos some time? We have mice under the patio …

    Very impressed with your veggies too. I think I have black fingers instead of green ones, can’t grow anything!

  13. Sandie says:

    Your lurkers look pretty to me – as does Carlos – I swear he was smiling for the camera in the overhead shot – take care of you…..:o)

  14. I’m a bit shy, just reading your lovely blog after meeting you at the party. I love Carlos (although Topsy might find him good to chase) and your “lurkers” (you learn something new every day).

  15. Hello there Jane – lovely to meet you here via Nut Press HQ. I am wondering what kind of a political party The Nut Press would be. While I ponder this I shall pour you a cuppa and see if I can root out a biscuit or two for you. Carlos does tend to stockpile the bourbons. I am liking the sound of Abraxus – does he feature in your blog at all?I shall pop over there and see …

  16. Hi Nikki – Your veg garden sounds fab. We have ‘varying levels of success’ here too : )

    I’d like to try growing cobnut squash and pak choi.

    We live in an old farm workers cottage and it was the long cottage garden that really attracted us when we viewed it. It was tended by the same couple for forty years and had been entirely given over to growing vegetables and fruit. I love that.

  17. Hi Christina – Lovely of you to drop in and see Carlos and I,Thankyou so much. Carlos is asking about your dogs. He isn’t sure about the mice under the patio either; he prefers a good frog to be honest. He’s a bit avant garde.

    Thankyou for your lovely comment about my veggies. I’m no expert. I just like planting things and usually grow so many that something is bound to take.
    I am wondering about your black (as opposed to green) fingers. I am thinking that this must be the typing ink.

  18. elizabethm says:

    Your lurkers are twice the size of mine! Maybe I need a guard. Does Carlos travel?

  19. Hello Sandie – Lovely of you to drop by and see Carlos and I. Carlos is purring at all of these lovely comments ! You take careof your good self too : )

  20. Hello Linsay – Ooh, don’t be shy,we’re all friends here. I’ll put the kettle on.

    Thankyou for your lovely comments about Carlos and The Lurkers. Carlos is a bit worried about Topsy and the chasing but I’ve told him not to worry.

    The Lurkers are indeed lovely , if a bit on the moon-faced side.

    I shall be popping over to your place in a bit . I shall look forward to it. I’m a bit behind on my Nut Press Party Blog Crawl at present. I blame the cider.

  21. Hi Elizabeth – Both Carlos & I are very concerned about your stunted lurkers. Carlos has suggested that you may like to add some special fertliiser to your lurker bed. He claims to know of a very good supplier. Apparently they even dig it in for you and cover it after application . Shall I send him around to yours?

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