Have you met Row-land?

I’d like you to meet Rowland. Or rather, Row-land. As in Oh Row-land of Grange Hill fame.

Row-land was played by Erkin Mustafa.  Showing my age with that reference.

My Row-land came in the post on my birthday. He’s from Build-A-Bear.  He’s very nice.  My inner child had taken a shine.  Best to listen when Inner Child takes a shine to something. Don’t want any tantrums.

You can have a Row-land too, if you want one, from http://buildabear.co.uk . But you’re not having mine.

He’s Nice and Solid. He has Great Teeth.  And a Fabulous Bottle Brush of a tail thing.  And, A Cape. Don’t forget The Cape.

He makes me smile.


About In a Welsh Garden

Artist,Illustrator,Pro-face and body painter,Blogger and Happy Gardener : )
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7 Responses to Have you met Row-land?

  1. Row-land is hysterical. Those teeth! That cape! I can see why you want to keep him. 🙂

  2. Caroline says:

    Love his teeth! So are you going to be buying clothes for him and have you seen that little front carrier you can get for them? 🙂 You know I’m only jealous, don’t you? The Star Wars bears were once in my reach… sooooooooob! My inner child is DEVASTATED! x

  3. Morning Missis C : ) – I might pass on the front carrier – although I did answer the door to the postman the other morning with Littlest in one arm and Wolfie-Boy under the other. ‘Hi ,meet my other child, he’s a Wolf’.

    You really do need to buy a Star Wars bear for your inner child – well you say it’s for you inner child : D – you can’t ignore inner children they get louder and louder and I do fear that yours (like mine)may threaten a tantrum if you do not have a Star Wars bear soon. I know who I’d be having a word with , I bet that that lovely lady would be happy to help. Ooh, go on – I so want to see which Star Wars bear you go for…

  4. Rhian says:

    Congratulations on your new arrival! 😉 He’s lush. xx

  5. Ooh yes, he truly is! I am so looking forward to your BAB review – wonder who you’ll come away with ? My money is on a Halloween-esque bear/outfit combo… keep me posted!

  6. Jan says:

    What a debonaire wolf-bear! He looks as if he would be friiiifully polite. I wonder how he would sound with those teeth. “I fay old girl, fo good to fee you”. I love that bear making place, what a great concept, I wish we had one here.

  7. Hello Jan : ) Thankyou for your wolf-tastic comment – Oh Yes, Row-land is indeed a debonaire wolf-bear. I am liking the idea of how he would speak with the Dick Emery Vicar teeth ! Build a Bear is fab indeed – for all ages – I hope that you get chance to go to one soon, where perhaps you shall find your very own Row-land too ….? : D

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