A Eulogy – Part II / The Singing Ringing Tree

Well that was a silly thing to do wasn’t it ?  It’s all well and good having A Eulogy – Part I but your hand is then forced into writing A Eulogy – Part II.  And I havn’t got one. 

Nothing to add , nothing to Eulogise about . 

The pears are still lying where they fell.  I am thinking that I will pick them all up in the morning.  And that after that I may make them into something tasty, possibly something that lives in a jar. 

I am also thinking that I may bake some of them and pour chocolate all over the top.  Some will go into lunchboxes ; some will go to friends. 

Some may find their befuddled way onto the local black market .  That’s The Boot.  The Boot is riddled with home growers flogging off their freaky-big veg. crops.  And there are still some left on the trees. Who’d have thought it? 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

So. No Eulogy.  I’ve got a few pictures though.  Would you like to see them ?

Roller Coaster. Don't you think ?


Mid-air skipping rope? Jump!

Or this

The Singing Ringing Tree.

But more of this later.


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10 Responses to A Eulogy – Part II / The Singing Ringing Tree

  1. Your insomnia is so much prettier than mine. My local cafe does a wonderful pear muffin arrangement – perhaps that would work for your eulogised pears.

  2. You’ve a good eye for what makes a great picture and you’ve got me seeing rollercoasters and skipping rope in pear trees. (I think it may be bedtime!) I may have to incorporate them into the Tale of the Singing Ringing Tree… *forgets bedtime and scampers off with pencil stub and notebook*

  3. DJ Kirkby says:

    Gorgeous photos. I could make some lovely jam with those!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Oh I love it! It’s all about the fruit here at the moment too. We moved house in April and I went from having a tiny square garden with nothing in it to one with a mature apple and pear tree. It’s wonderful. Have you tried apple & pear crumble yet?
    My mum was talking about pears in red wine as well – another idea but not to my taste.

  5. lifeinapinkfibro – I am sure that your Insomnia is very pretty. Your local cafe sounds like a godsend. Sadly, Pear muffins would register as The Freakily Exotic in our local caff. You’re lucky if they’ll deign to do you a cheese bap.

  6. @KathEastman – Ooh, did you write it ??!
    I’m not sure about me having a good eye though ..or seeing skipping ropes in trees.. I’m sure that a Psychiatrist would have a field day.

  7. Rebecca – A mature apple and a pear tree ? Bingo! A double whammy. Fabulous. I hope that you get a fine harvest of apples and pears over the coming weeks.

    I have tried apple and plum crumble , which I can highly recommend – I think it was a Nigel Slater recipe. I shall try apple and pear, – in fact I may try it today as I have been threatening a crumble for the last few days.

    As for pears and red wine -ohhhhh yes. Very nice …..

  8. DJ Kirkby – Thankyou – would you like some?!

  9. Apple Star Galactica!! – I love the photos, superb !! 🙂 So pear muffins are out eh? Never mind.

    Now it’s my turn to ask you something about wordpress, how do you get it to do that bit in blue at the end of the post, below the share this button….what’s the secret?

  10. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes – Morning ! Pear Muffins ….. hmmm,let me think … : )

    Re: WordPress wotsit – well, bit of a mystery this, as I’ve just checked out my homepage to see said blue bit (as I couldn’t think where said blue bit was) – and I can’t see it anywhere! This leads me to think that perhaps it shows up to the viewer only? If you shed any light on this do let me know as I am intrigued -well, -ish – I’m not that fascinated by Things I.T : )

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