A Eulogy – Part I

Wind’s Up.  It will do that.  Everything is blowing away.

Washing on the line.  Abandoned garden toys. Empty flowerpots . General Garden detritus. The contents of our Steptoe yard that are supposedly destined for the corpy tip/recycling centre.

What hasn’t blown away is straining at the leash.  The sail is threatening Take Off.  The Shed Roof Felt is One Corner Up Three More To Go.

*  *  *  *  *  

There have been casualties.  The soldier boy pears are down. 

They shall be left where they have fallen. For now.


About In a Welsh Garden

Artist,Illustrator,Pro-face and body painter,Blogger and Happy Gardener : )
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6 Responses to A Eulogy – Part I

  1. We’ve just had big winds here as well – spring, not autumn. We lost some large branches, and the trellis in the vegie patch took a tumble, but no casualties. I trust that you will ensure those solider pear’s lives were not lost for nought? Caramelised with some grilled chicken and prosciutto perhaps?

  2. elizabethm says:

    Good reminder, must go and inspect pear tree! Love your squirter and lurker photos.

  3. Oh no! The pears in that bottom picture look so forlorn scattered on the ground. I hope you gathered them up and took them inside.

    I wish they hadn’t come quite so early as leaves are being hurled about our garden already before we’ve even had time to enjoy the colours but I do love blustery autumn days, when I (a) don’t have to outside and (b) probably because there is very little in my garden besides a patio, a shed, some pot plants and a lawn.

    I hope the sail survives or the cats will be most upset and you won’t hear the end of that.

  4. lifeinapinkfibro – I’m a veggie (as in tarian – not as in I think I’m a carrot) but I have to say that reading those words ‘ Caramelised with some grilled chicken and prosciutto ‘ just set me off . Not in an irate veggie ranting way , but in a my-mouth-is-watering kind of a way. Not that I want to eat chicken really .But ‘Caramelised’. *sigh* ‘Prosciutto’ -ah, now there’s a word (*sigh*)- and the general Chef-ing/Pampering implied by ‘grilled’ (as in I’m not doing it. Someone else is doing it for me – * sigh* …) – well it all just conjures up Venice and Prosecco and a life of early retirement & moneyed continental leisure, sipping wine on Florentine balconies (I am fiftyish in this particular scenario and accompanied by my mid fifties retired hedge funder/financier husband – ok, I’ll stop – ooh, it is just like my life asI know it) – How can food words do this ?! (Or do I have a problem?). Hmm.

    The soldier boys shall be gathered up shortly. Poor B’s.

  5. elizabethm – How was your pear tree ?? Did your soldier boys live to fight another day?? I am pleased that you enjoyed the Squirter & Lurker pics. I will check up on the Lurkers in a bit. They are getting a bit busy in the Lurker patch of late …

  6. @KathEastman – I hope that you get lots of heavenly Autumn colour and beautiful blustery September & October days to enjoy over the coming weeks. I love them too.

    The sail has survived . It is a hardy beast . The local cats will all breathe a sigh of relief : )

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