Tomato Bothering


I’ve been on the slop.  Making Chutney. 

I’ve been at the Squirters.  Bothering them.  I picked many and they all went into the pot.

I did a few things and they turned into chutney.

The chutney went into the pots.   The pots went into the fridge.

The chutney goes into cheese sandwiches . The tall man that lives here will take them to work on a bike . The tall man will eat them all up.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There were Long Lurkers in the pot. Onions red and white.  A garden apple , a celery stick and a scuttle of pickling herbs.  Some sugar some spice and a tinkle of corriander.  And a mighty tipping of vinegar white.   A snip of salt and a tootle of ginger. 

And so it all added up.  It slurbled and glooked until globby fine.

And now Summer lives in a jar.


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8 Responses to Tomato Bothering

  1. Oh, I love chutney. And relish. And pretty much any condiment actually. I made my first chutney from my own tomatoes last summer, and can’t wait to do it again!

  2. Ooh yes, me too. I wonder if your tomatoes follow the same growing season as here ? (that may well be a REALLY stupid question). Good Luck with your chutney making sesh !

    – I used to rely on the local W.I market for my condiments, but this year I have ventured bravely forth into the uncharted territory of making my own. I hadn’t realised that it was so simple – I thought that because it was in a jar on a supermarket shelf it must be really hard to make !

  3. Caroline says:

    “And now Summer lives in a jar” – perfect x

  4. Garage is still full of apples and pears, being turned into preserves as fast as we can stand it! I was sent out to get onions today by the man in his pyjamas who was making pear and onion chutney at 6 am because he couldn’t sleep…

    Love your blog and the way you write, but you know that I hope 🙂

  5. Joanna@Zeb Bakes – Ah, Bless You – not that I have a Papal dispensation to Bless people or anything : D – Thankyou for your support & lovely lovely comments – I am heading over to your blog in a bit as a post about wild hazelnuts is calling me – it called me the other daytoo, but then so did Eldest, so unfortunately that put a stop to my catching up with all of these lovely blogs that I so enjoy following.

    Love making chutney as an antidote to insomnia !!

    We have two pear trees here so any ideas for using up a pear glut greatly appreciated : )

  6. Pear, apple and ginger chutney? I found the left over bit in the fridge after the pyjama’d one had finished his work. It was very tasty, in fact it was more like a spicy jam than a chutney, anyway I tidied up his leftovers on some bread and butter for lunch today. Then there are poached pears, which are not as wussy as they sound, though you do have to sacrifice alcohol to make them, but it turns hard pears into something with the texture of tinned pears – you can do them with red wine, or cider or if you’re feeling flash with Marsala. I’m afraid it’s a St Delia recipe, but pretty easy, though you do have to find some arrowroot somewhere. Where is the arrowroot when you need it? Hah! If you want them let me know… 🙂

  7. I wrote it out for another friend so thought you might like to have it too… 1.25 kilos peeled and chopped fruits, 250g chopped onions, 250 grams dried mixed raisins,sultanas, whatever you have, 300g cider vinegar, 250g brown sugar, fresh ginger, 1/2 tsp salt, all spice, stick cinammon, green peppercorns, coriander seed. He cooked the fruit a bit first and then added the rest, cooked till you can draw a wooden spoon through it and it leaves a definite track that doesn’t fill in quickly, does that make sense, like parting the Red Sea, and it made a very dry preserve/chutney/jam. Might have been because I used russet apples which are very tough and very hard pears, so the fruit didn’t go mushy and saucy….

  8. Joanna@Zeb Bakes – Hello : ) – a big Thankyou for this recipe, it is very much appreciated. Pears are very much on my mind at the moment, so this is very timely. If it is anything like the Bluberry muffins recipe I shall use it over and over … Mr used that recipe too and declared it to be the best (and easiest) muffin recipe ever. Mr is a frustrated chef (a natural cook – I’m not)and a man of few words(I’m not) so that was praise indeed : D Big Thankyou : )

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