Do you prefer a Squirter or a Lurker ?

These are squirters:

These are Lurkers :

Which do you prefer?

The Squirters live in The Greenhouse.  They are communal dwellers under glass. They have many children.  They are visited by all and sundry , 24/7.   The Moth , The Bees , The Wasps, The Flies, The Butcher , The Baker, The Candlestick maker . . . Their young are green; Their inlaws red-girthed, elastic-popping pistules. En Masse , they take over their world.

The Lurkers live in the vegetable patch.  They are moon faced bog trotters.  Benign fat sphericals out of my peripherals. Slowly, they creep. I see you. You are three. Soon you will be more . And at Halloween I shall cut you down and make you into soup.  Maybe you will grow to be monsters, and I shall run and hide.

Squirters or Lurkers ? Which do you prefer ?


About In a Welsh Garden

Artist,Illustrator,Pro-face and body painter,Blogger and Happy Gardener : )
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10 Responses to Do you prefer a Squirter or a Lurker ?

  1. ClareKirwan says:

    Squirters! My tomatoes just coming after much patient tending – just in time for me to go on holiday and miss them!. Meanwhile my courgettes gave up the ghost ages ago – no idea why as I was expecting great things!
    Luscious pics btw!

  2. Squirter here !

    Wish I had glorious tomatoes like yours! I could eat a bowl of tomato salsa today. Do you have the lovely warm weather we have here on the other side of the Severn? I hope so 🙂

  3. Caroline says:

    The “wildchild” in me is going for a lurker, but my maternal needs are saying a squirter. Oooooh I am utterly torn x

  4. Sandie says:

    Ooooh – I love you squirter pic. those look delicious – like little sweeties

  5. DJ Kirkby says:

    Lurkers for me! Squirters are only good for making into chutney before they get squirty…

  6. DJ Kirkby – Hello there – I enjoy a Lurker too. I have a collander of squirters squatting on the kitchen sideboard at the moment , awaiting their fate (chutney, as it happens) – It is good that we are agreed on these things. : D

  7. Hi Sandie – Thanks for commenting – they are a tasty treat , it is true – these are mainly Gardeners Delight variety, and they taste sweet like sunshine. If they travelled well I would post you a punnet.

  8. Well , Hello There Ms Smailes – I also enjoy a Lurker. Although they do scare me a bit x

  9. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes – I would send you a punnet of squirters but I do not trust Royal Mail to get them to you safely. We have had beautiful weather today,Thankyou . I hope that you have had a beautiful day too. How is Zeb ? Is he still sitting on chairs ? He looks like an absolute darling . I am using your blueberry muffin recipe again tomorrow morning by the way. : )

  10. Claire Kirwan – Hello : ) Thankyou for adding your vote. So far it is neck and neck between Squirters and Lurkers . I am wondering if I need a big wall chart like Peter Snow on Election Night. I like the name of your blog. I have many a broken biro. I am about to visit your blog. : )

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