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Have you met Row-land?

I’d like you to meet Rowland. Or rather, Row-land. As in Oh Row-land of Grange Hill fame. Row-land was played by Erkin Mustafa.  Showing my age with that reference. My Row-land came in the post on my birthday. He’s from Build-A-Bear.  He’s very nice.  … Continue reading

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The Tree Buyer

Here is the apple tree. Perhaps you may recognise it as The Singing Ringing Tree of an earlier post. You would be right. It is the same tree. Somebody brought the tree to me . After something Terrible had happened. I planted it. … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different

When you have a six year old daughter there are certain things that you just don’t turn down.  Like the chance to review a store that sells teddy bears. Great, Big , Gorgeous, Fluffy Take-Me-Home-You-Know-You-Want-To Bears.  Bears that you can dress .  … Continue reading

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Badgers , Popes and Wonky Carrots

Badgers I have a new widget on my side bar.  Please click on it and it will take you to the RSPCA anti-badger cull campaign pages.  There, you can find out about how you can help. They say it far … Continue reading

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A Eulogy – Part II / The Singing Ringing Tree

Well that was a silly thing to do wasn’t it ?  It’s all well and good having A Eulogy – Part I but your hand is then forced into writing A Eulogy – Part II.  And I havn’t got one.  Nothing … Continue reading

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A Eulogy – Part I

Wind’s Up.  It will do that.  Everything is blowing away. Washing on the line.  Abandoned garden toys. Empty flowerpots . General Garden detritus. The contents of our Steptoe yard that are supposedly destined for the corpy tip/recycling centre. What hasn’t blown … Continue reading

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Tomato Bothering

  I’ve been on the slop.  Making Chutney.  I’ve been at the Squirters.  Bothering them.  I picked many and they all went into the pot. I did a few things and they turned into chutney. The chutney went into the pots.   The … Continue reading

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Do you prefer a Squirter or a Lurker ?

These are squirters: These are Lurkers : Which do you prefer? The Squirters live in The Greenhouse.  They are communal dwellers under glass. They have many children.  They are visited by all and sundry , 24/7.   The Moth , The Bees , … Continue reading

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