Joey and The Potatoes

Freddie and The Dreamers, Charlton and The Wheelies , Joey and The Potatoes. But of course.

Potato Lurve

Ooh I like these potatoes . . .

. . . Mind you, I like you too . . .and that tassle on the bottom of your trousers. I'm having that .

. . . rubby, rubby . . .

 I’ve been gardening today.  I got quite a lot done . I cleared the bottom veg. beds , and dug them over.  Cleared the last of the peas out . Took down the frames. Weeded. Now we could see the Brussells again.  Made room for more planting .  Kale, Spinach and Swedes . Bit late to sow but worth a go .  As usual I will probably learn the hard way.

      *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

I’m not an expert gardener . I don’t know many of the latin names . Sometimes I mess up. Plant things in the wrong places. Plant things too close together . Plant too many of them (courgette, anybody?).  Pick things too soon . But that’s ok .

I just love growing things. I love growing our food . Or at least some of it .  Carbon footprint from garden to plate ? Zero.  Apart from the bought in seeds of course . But even then , not so much.

after clearing

This is a good litter tray

Brussells. (Sprouts).

 Today I harvested some rogue potatoes that weren’t meant to be there , but were .

These are the ones that Joey liked.

' Wa - hey ! '

 Today I harvested some onions . Red , white , shallot . That’s sha llot . * groan *

The garlic was p. poor. As usual .  I don’t have much success with garlic .  Don’t know how the romans managed it .

         *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Eldest fancied a bit of planting . So we sowed enough for two more trays of salad . Rocket and Lollo Rosso . Curly lettuce. Very Nice.

Red & white onions, shallots, p.poor garlic & two freshly planted trays of salad . And one wind damaged sunflower head drying out for the seeds.

There are some strange beasts growing in the Welsh Garden Greenhouse . Aubergines . Eggplants .

I am the Eggman . Oh are you , that’s nice for you, I am the walrus myself.  

     *   *  *  *  *  *  *

And long spiky things . They are old fashioned ridge cucumbers . Like long prickly melon fruit .

The prickles aren’t really very prickly . They brush off . They are better with the skin peeled off . They are kind of like a cucumber tasting melon textured cucumber . Very , you know, Cucumbery .

We are waiting for the tomatoes . There are a lot of them this year .  And here is a gratuitous picture of my greenhouse , in the sun .


About In a Welsh Garden

Artist,Illustrator,Pro-face and body painter,Blogger and Happy Gardener : )
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9 Responses to Joey and The Potatoes

  1. Sandie says:

    …………these all look great sweetie – !!! Thank you for you kind words and it’s great that you like our products – have a great day :0*

  2. Claireej says:

    Lovely blog. Joey looks a lot like our Buzz but then, most Gingers have that look 🙂

  3. Hello : ) Thanks for commenting – you are obviously a ginger fan too then : ) I am obsessed with ginger cats . I love them all . I bet that Buzz is gorgeous !

  4. Joanna says:

    I love that picture of Joey’s tail! What a gorgeous boy he is 🙂

  5. Bless you – yes , he is indeed a beautiful boy , although I am biased of course ! : )

    That piccy makes me smile too . I loved that one of Zeb sitting up on the chair in your kitchen too.

    Does Zeb ever do that travelling in cars thing, head out of window, ears flapping and flying in the wind and sporting a slightly insane joyous grin ?! LOVE seeing dogs travelling in cars like that : D

  6. Joanna says:

    Unfortunately he is not allowed to do that, health and safety, he and Lulu the Brown travel in a dog pod, with carpets and fleece. But if one day I should happen to have an open top sports car and be in some forgotten english nirvana of country lanes I will let him sit on the cracked leather seats and admire his reflection in the wing mirror and let his ears go for a flight….. Michael who does picture framing near me, made some lovely pictures of his spaniel with ears a flying here – here’s one I have some others I think on postcards….

  7. elizabethm says:

    What a fabulous harvest! I never have any success with aubergines but yours look so lovely perhaps I should have another go next year. Got cross with them this year and didn’t bother. You may not be an expert gardener but you look pretty successful to me. Love the photos too.

  8. ZebBakes – Aw – what a gorgeous picture – that is one happy spaniel : ) Cocker Spaniels are particularly bonkers according to my OH , as they used to have them when he was growing up : )

  9. Elizabeth M – Hello : ) Thanks for commenting, glad that you enjoyed the piccies – aubergines, hmm , I’m not sure how big they will get so we’ve yet to see how successful they turn out to be , but I think that they are worth it just to see them growing , they are strangely pleasing to the eye ! If I get t make a moussaka from them though I will be mega happy ! Btw, I loved your last post about blitzing your garden – reading it actually gave me a kick up the backside to sort out that veg bed in the post !

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