Star of the sea

Hail, Queen of heaven, the ocean star,
Guide of the wanderer here below,
Thrown on life’s surge, we claim thy care,
Save us from peril and from woe.

Mother of Christ, O Star of the sea
Pray for the wanderer, pray for me.

        *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

I was born into,and brought up in, the Catholic faith . I didn’t have any say in the matter , it was what I was born into. My childhood was littered with Hail Marys and novenas ; Holy Days of Obligation ; Holy water, and Holy cards . 

May was The Month Of Mary.  Cue : Processions , votive lights , apple blossom and plaster statues of the Blessed Virgin.

And lots of hyms about Mary , in her many and varied guises , a Mary for all seasons. Our Lady of Lourdes , Our Lady of Ransom, Our Lady Queen of the Ocean , Our Lady Star of the Sea.

                 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

I’ve just come back from Llangrannog in West Wales. Early one evening , I went out to sea on a fishing boat.

Later, I took some photographs. This is one of them .

It was taken at around 7.30pm.

It is of the silver sea , in Cardigan Bay , as light is falling. The sea became silver, the silver sea. The sea became ancient, the ancient sea. The sea held secrets , the sea knew. The sad sea was issuing warnings, but we both knew that the warnings would be too late .

Since I returned home I cannot stop thinking about the sea .

Every morning I wake up and my head is full of Cwmtydu Bay, the waves break against my rock ears and there are bewhiskered seals pop-bobbing in the surf. 

I am land locked, stranded on dry land. I am running back to Cardigan Bay . All the way down to the sea , all the way there , from here, if need be.

Since I got back here, here , is not enough.  

I think that I want to move.


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8 Responses to Star of the sea

  1. Ah me, such a wistful post, full of longing, what a lovely photo though, of silver Cardigan Bay. Just beautiful, it looks as if you could just walk out into the moonlight across the water doesn’t it? I think maybe you are a Selkie? I love the sea on the other side of the country on the North Norfolk coast, there some beautiful beaches there, only you don’t see the sunset from most of them as they face East. Do you think you will move?

  2. That sea truly is silver, isn’t it? Can I come with you? I lived by the sea (or within a 5-minute walk of it) right up until I was nineteen and now miss it terribly.

    Beautiful pictures and words to go with them. Your lovely post made me tear up a little (but in a good way so please don’t feel bad about it having that effect).

  3. Ah, bless you – I am not familiar with North Norfolk coast at all , I would love to go though, maybe sometime . . We’d love to move, yes . . . and it’s still in Wales so that’s good : ) – Mr T is checking out job market there . . . have to see what it throws up . . . hoping to go back there in 6-8 weeks, fingers crossed : )

  4. – Yes , it struck me how it suddenly became silver at that particular time of the evening, just as the last of the sun had gone down. There is probably only a half hour window where it actually looks that colour . . . the light was so unusual too , the light in West Wales reminds me a little of how it is in Cornwall , I can understand how it attracts painters ,and those who paint with words too.

    Lucky you growing up by the sea . Is it always with you , in your veins and in your ears if you grow up by the side of the sea ?

    A few people have said that this post made them feel quite sad. It wasn’t intentional , it’s interesting that it has affected people that way . . . Thankyou for your lovely comments about the post . .I’m glad that you enjoyed reading it. x

  5. I think the sea is always with me, yes, in my veins and ears, and part of me deep within my soul. I am always happiest either on the sea or by it. Sadly, none of that makes me a natural sailor – or maybe I just have a more natural affinity with being by or in the sea than I do to being on it in a boat! Who knows?

  6. It haunts, the sea, I think . In a good way . I like that whole myth of the sirens calling people to the sea – That makes sense to me ! I know what you mean about boats – I’m not that confident at sea myself , but I think that that is maybe because we respect and are aware of the terrible power of the sea ?? it is a ferocious beast . I do love it though . I can’t get the moving thing out of my head at all x

  7. lisa says:

    Ah we went there last summer. Think we spend pretty much every evening down at that beach. I think its a pretty special place.

    Quieter than Cornwall, where we went again this year. And cheaper!!

    I really want to go back to this place. I loved it.

    Lovely pictures too 🙂


  8. Hi Lisa – Thanks for commenting : ) – Yes, I agree with you , I think that it is a pretty special place . It seemed particularly special at the time that I took these photos.

    It must have a pull on people , I think – so many people have such special memories of here , and feel drawn back to this place . I think that it is to do with the dolphins too ! The place is blessed if the dolphins are drawn to live there : )

    I hope that you get back there very soon x

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