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You don’t bring me flowers any more

This is not a post about Neil Diamond. Or Barbara Streisand. Heaven forfend.  Don’t get me wrong – I am sure that both Mr Diamond and Ms S are both a couple of absolute Lovelies. But it’s just that song. I’m not … Continue reading

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Joey and The Potatoes

Freddie and The Dreamers, Charlton and The Wheelies , Joey and The Potatoes. But of course.  I’ve been gardening today.  I got quite a lot done . I cleared the bottom veg. beds , and dug them over.  Cleared the … Continue reading

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Star of the sea

Hail, Queen of heaven, the ocean star, Guide of the wanderer here below, Thrown on life’s surge, we claim thy care, Save us from peril and from woe. Mother of Christ, O Star of the sea Pray for the wanderer, … Continue reading

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