Yesterday, as is usual during the school holidays, I spent all morning ricocheting between Eldest and Toddler Littlest , with no make up on. 

By midday Eldest hadn’t had much of a look in and was beginning to eye up a bit of negative attention seeking as being a good move. Once Toddler Littlest had decided upon a  mid afternoon kip , it seemed like a good idea to suggest a bit of Eldest & Mum one to one time. 

I mentioned bath bombs ; Eldest bit my hand off .  Metaphorically speaking of course.

We had made bath bombs before , and Eldest had loved it.

I was also thinking that we could both do with inhaling a bit of lavender.  I didn’t have any gin in.

First . .

We nipped outside to snip some lavender , dodging snaffling bees.

The flower heads were snipped away from the stem , leaving an inch or so of stem just below the flower. These were put aside to be used later , as toppers. The rest of the flowers where rubbed away until we had a separate bowl of tiny lavender flower heads.   

Next , We . . .

Measured out 1 x tablespoon of citric acid (into the bowl) and 3 x tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda (into the bowl , tippy tippy). You have to be careful with citric acid. If it gets into your eyes it can temporarily impair your sight .  

Then we stirred it up . Bob Marley would like that.

Then , We . . .

 Deposited a sprinkle of glitter (into the bowl, tippy tippy) followed by a grabbage of lavender (into the bowl, tippy tippy).  The glitter has to be cosmetic grade ; craft glitter can scratch eye balls . Nasty and Bad.

And then we stirred it up again (and the lord Bob was pleased).

We decided to . . .

Do things by the book and add some vegetable oil next (into the bowl, tippy tippy)

Followed by ten droplets of organic lavender oil (swoosh !)

And Lo ,

We had created snow.

There was only one thing for it . . .

. . .Coming to get you ! – Thus , the snowball was created .

With a Cherry on the top.

There were shapes to be had . . .

. . . And Then They Were Done.


They were LUSH.

We ate them all for tea.

No, no we didn’t really . Ha !


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6 Responses to LUSH

  1. Wow ! Wow ! Wow! What a beautiful post, what a lucky Eldest to have such a creative parent to play with of an afternoon. Lush can’t compare with your beautiful bombs – and I didn’t know that about glitter, not that I make bath bombs but I do have citric acid from making elderflower cordial so maybe…. bread bath bombs, made with oats, you can put oats in the bath can’t you?

  2. Hello ! Thankyou for your lovely comment – not sure our bath bombs can touch LUSH though : ) I do love LUSH I have to say !

    – Oats , Yes , you can – I heard that they are great for chicken pox & skin complaints when you add some kind of milk to them and make them into a possett. We had some bath bomb mix left over as we had to nip out, and when we got back it was too crumbly (from sitting) to shape into bathbombs, so I popped it into muslin bags with a few herbs to make bath possetts . I was going to blog about it last night but thought that it would save for another blog post – that’s slacking for you : D

  3. Pingback: Temper temper… | Zeb Bakes

  4. Oh you are such a love ,thankyou for your very kind words – I have limited access to my pc this week but am going to check out your post in full soon as I can – I am a closet ‘chocolatier’ too , so I will look forward to checking your post out , I am sure that it will be fab (as ever!) x

  5. Not at all, the keepers of ladybird trees must stick together! Lots of my pupae hatched by the way, mostly pale yellow ones with little spots. They take up residence in all sorts of places in the garden, and I find them buried in the cabbages… There is now a fox who insists on sitting dolefully in the front garden most days – I don’t know why, because we don’t feed them. Someone came and rang the doorbell today and said that there was a sick fox in our garden and did we know. They thought it was sick because it was out in the daytime….This particular individual is festooned with ear tags by the University of Bristol Fox Project and must be hand fed by someone as he/she has no fear of people at all. Life in the city!

  6. I was thinking about ladybirds just before – and had been wondering how your pupae were getting on ! I checked our ladybird tree last week as I don’t know where all of our pupae has gone – if it has hatched & they have all scuttled away or if they were eaten by predators : ( I will check over next few days and report back : )

    Fab to hear about your fox visitor . I love foxes . They are AKA ‘CatDogs’ in this house as Eldest says that look half cat half dog : )

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