101 Things To Do With A Courgette .

101 Things To Do With A Courgette.

Disclaimer :   Before you do , please Don’t .   I don’t mean it in that way .   And if you are looking for that kind of thing then I would suggest visiting another site entirely . Although I am not sure which one . 


Here in the Welsh garden we have got a glut of courgettes ready to be harvested .  And I don’t know what the * bleep * to do with them .

Just in case anybody is unfamiliar with what a courgette looks like here , here we are .  Said courgettes are shown here growing in situ , in the Welsh garden . 

I keep writing cougette , no r . It is making me think of Courtney Cox . 

The courgettes are a lot bigger now .  They are in danger of taking over the vegetable patch .  And beyond .  Imminently .

I really do need to Act Now .  Before they start crawling their way up the path to the house and start groping under the door with their freaky long tendrills .  

Before we know it it we will have an Alien Courgette Invasion on our hands and then where will we be . Hell in a handcart , that’s where  , waving an inflatable courgette behind us as we go .  And I havn’t been drinking , before you ask .  No Weston’s Organic Cider  for me today .  Sadly .

So .  Courgettes .  So far we have : eaten some – well , a lot –  frozen some – well , a  lot , – and toyed with the idea of flogging some on the car boot on Sunday ( just a thought.)

I don’t want to : make chutney .

I may want to : throw them into a bolognaise .

I may want to : put them on a pizza .

I wish that : Someone would give me £10 each , for every courgette .  I don’t think that this is going to happen .

I have had a search on line .  Said Search threw up several ‘ 101 things to do with a courgette ‘ .  Some were a bit unsavoury

But I also found :  a courgette heavy curry on the River Cottage site .

That  would take care of 200g of the little f****** .

I shouldn’t really speak like that . It’s Nature’s Bounty .  And I love it really , I do .

There was also :  Throw Them In A Roast Veg. Mix .  Alongside red onions , potatoes , cherry toms and anything else that takes your fancy . 

Or :  Courgette Souffle , another Fearnley Whittingstall creation , which I have to confess is not exactly setting my tastebuds alight .  But that could be because we have already eaten so many of these damn fine courgetty things .

I could , of course , always opt for the ultimate Lazy Gardener approach and just leave them and let them become Marrows . Massive ones .  Which can then be stuffed . With Rice . And a few other bits and pieces .

And I was also thinking of something else : A Twitter Giveaway .  Maybe I could give away a carrier bag of courgettes  to the 100th Re-tweet . What do you think ? Collection might be a problem though .  And people may fight over them .  Always a possibility .

For some reason I have just thought of Christine Bleakley .  There is a picture of her in my trash mag today . Frank wants her to meet Elen .  It must be true .  This is telling me that my courgette post has sadly come to an end . 

I still do not know of 101 things to do with a courgette .  So far I know of three .

If anybody knows of any more then I would be very happy to hear from you .  Answers on a postcard please .


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12 Responses to 101 Things To Do With A Courgette .

  1. #1 Boring response: You could leave some by the front gate together with an honesty box and flog them; OR
    #2 Yummy response: You could make this recipe for crab-stuffed courgettes which is yummy – this is the recipe for two people: Halve one courgette per person and microwave for 3 minutes, scoop out the insides and mix them together with 1/4 cup chopped onion, half a tomato, 1 oz cream cheese, 1/2 cup grated cheese, 1tbsp mayo, 1 tin of crabmeat, dash of smoked BBQ flavouring and lemon juice. Fill the courgette shells with mix and top with 1/2 cup grated cheese. Bake in the oven for 20-30mins at 190 and serve (with green beans sauteed in olive oil and minced garlic because that’s delish); OR
    #3 School holiday response: You could let the kids (your own and local ones) carve them, so they get some practice for when it’s pumpkin time.

  2. Ooh , Thankyou , I am loving these suggestions ! Sadly though re : Response #1 we have a Yes , but . They will possibly – fairly likely – go A.W.O.L . The honesty box wouldn’t be needed . School hols response (#3) – cracking idea , will set Eldest to work tomorrow : ) and I could use them after to make your yummy response #2 (minus the crab , veggie ) as it sounds gorgeous . Now I am hungry again but I am meant to be going to bed : )

  3. If they are still flowering, you can eat the flowers, stuffed, deepfried in batter, a delicacy, quite delicious and if flowers used, no more fruit…http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/video/2009/sep/17/river-cafe-courgette-flowers ultra trendy methinks….lots of other versions of this around but a bit fiddly and messy…

    Grate and make wholesome veggie loaf thingy with other grated vegetables sort of like meat loaf

    I did some the other day in a salad, made long thin strips using a vegetable peeler, so fooling myself that it was a completely different vegetable

    If you fry them or have one of those griddle pans then you can do them with very pretty stripes and either eat them hot or cover in lemon and yoghurt and have them cold.

  4. Fantastic ideas , thankyou : ) – I keep meaning to try deep frying the flower heads ; I remember a lovely , lovely friend of ours (also a chef , as it happens) suggesting this to me years ago when he saw our cougette plants in flower & ever since then I have been meaning to try this . Maybe now is the time that I will !

    Great idea about veg bake , that’s next !

    Have done the slicing thing , many times , lovely , definately ,and they do seem to taste different when cut a different way !!! Other Half (AKA ‘The Frustrated Chef – among other things , depending upon my mood , and his) has informed me that this is known as ‘julienne’ – cut into strips . Apparently . I bet that you knew that too – but It is safe to say that I didn’t : D

  5. This morning’s thought was to carve boats and send them out with messages on your flood waters 🙂

  6. Ooh, Thankyou for that , that is a lovely blog too , I shall save it up to read after I have finished making these cakes & the jam : ) xx

  7. elizabethm says:

    We always have ludicrous numbers of courgettes as cannot persuade husband that we don’t need four plants for two of us. I make a green soup with onion, courgettes, sometimes cucumber, marigold stock, whizzed up and then with quite a bit of Philadelphia type cream cheese whizzed in to make it creamy. Really easy and doesn’t taste very courgettey, if you know what I mean!

  8. Ooh , Thankyou, now that is fab ,as it uses cucumbers too (which is the next Port Glut that we are heading for) so that solves two things at once, cool, we like that : ) I have to ask too , is marigold stock actually made from marigolds ? ! I havn’t got a clue ! I know that you can eat nasturtium flowers , also courgette flowers , but does the same go for marigolds too ? Would love to know if you are back this way any time soon : )

    Oh , I smiled at the bit about four courgette plants ; Therein lies the root of my courgette glut – we have EIGHT , regularly harvested , courgette plants . Hmm . Spot the gardener that doesn’t know when to stop … : D

    ps – I havn’t helped the problem by planting three pumpkin plants and four marrow plants in the same veg bed ; the marrows are already growing ridiculously large and at an alarming rate – Arghhh ! – Expect a post soon : 101 things to do with a ….. MARROW !

  9. Nigel Slater’s fritter thingies look pretty good here too. I, have NO courgettes, and I am jealous, I had one plant last year that took over the entire veg bed and so I didn’t plant one this year…. Could you just pop some on the bus for me?


  10. Do you know , I should , it’d be a nice little trip out for them : D
    I can’t believe that I put EIGHT courgette plants in the top veg. bed – and they are REALLY heavy croppers this year , never known anything quite like it !!

    I love Nigel Slater too , so will be checking these out sharpish . Love his autobiography (think it was called TOAST ?)

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