Up The Garden Path

If you have ever been led up the garden path then you will know what a perplexing experience it can be , and one which has,more often than not , by its very nature, Destination Unclear.  So, what a pleasure it is to be led up a garden path that simply leads me to Destination Known, my own front door.

To walk up the garden path is to be coming home ; to walk back down it is to be leaving it.  The garden path sees the comings and goings of our daily lives , the Eldest,tidy,  ready and up against the clock ,rushing down it ,leaving in the morning , and returning,hot- headed- messy, helter skeltering back up it , at the end of the day. The Morning Husband , straddle-walking the bike down it ,back packed butties rucksack  ,through the gate then on, off and away for the day. And returning , worked out,eight hours later, to shouty children, home and mess, and if he’s lucky, tea. And inbetween, several ups & downs of Baby, Pushchair, and Me. It is a road well travelled, a familiar path.

Now we have visitors lining our way,standing sentry as we up-and-down / down-and-up , three , four , five times a day, even. Here they are



and, finally

– Intruders, self seeded ,self promoting,guerilla rogue-plants. Eff You plants . ” We won’t go where YOU want us to go, where YOU plant us, We’ll go wherever WE want to go” plants.  Plants With Attitude.

Free Spirit Wild Child Plants. Maverick Plants. Plants With A Quirk , Plants With A Smile. Greeting, Tweeting, Hand Shaking Line Plants. Reception Committee Plants, All.

Either way, we have got to know them. Eldest likes to touch the lavender as she leaves home , and again, as she returns. Sometimes she likes to take a piece of it with her  ,tucked away safely in her pocket. The Baby likes the Welsh Poppies, and smiles and gurgle giggles when we brush past them pushing ever onward , flooping little sausage hands reaching out ,impossibly, to catch one of the bobbing, burnt orange poppy heads. I like all of them – the lavender , which has jumped ship ,absconded,gone AWOL from the  Official Lavender Hedge over on the other side of the path – jumped on the other bus,got into bed with the other renegades  ,done the plant equivalent of running off with the circus. The Foxglove , but poisonous, don’t touch ; the Gladioli (Dame Edna ! Dame Edna !) and of course, the precious Wild Welsh Poppies (orange ? yellow ? You Pays Your Money You Takes Your Chances.)  Wales is good at Wild flowers  , wantonly showering its roadsides and gardens with wild daffs and poppies ,willy nilly.And on the right clear blue skied spring day , I do indeed say to myself, What a Wonderful World. No word of a lie.

So, that’s the garden path for you. It is what it is, essentially an up/down venture. Nothing complicated. The plants have landed there. Simple ,really, and easy-as-you-like. There is no moral to this post ; no deep realisation,no easy click it into place conclusion. It’s about a garden path , and about the plants that have made their home there , and about us ,our little family,going up-down-down-up, living our daily lives.


About In a Welsh Garden

Artist,Illustrator,Pro-face and body painter,Blogger and Happy Gardener : )
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2 Responses to Up The Garden Path

  1. Lovely funny photos! I have those orange poppies down the side of my house and a grass called stipa tenuissima which has long escaped from the gravel where it was planted and comes up everywhere between the stones, and then there is bristol weed which has little yellow flowers and bellflowers in the walls, well there would be if it wasn’t quite so dry…. A weed is only a plant in the wrong place… and I think garden paths are the perfect place for escapees to plot their next move…. There was an American folk song I used to pick out painfully on the guitar which began, ‘… bless the grass that grows through the crack, they roll the concrete over it and try to keep it back, the concrete gets tired of what it has to do, it breaks and it buckles and (rising crescendo) the grass grows through…. ! Damn now that’s in my head… mutter mutter….. bye!

  2. Sandie says:

    …………aw – I can just image your little family doing different walks up and down the path to your welcoming front door –

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