Raspberry Beret

Slightly left field this, but to be honest it’s been a left field kind of a day. Very Tangenty. So a post to match,then. Why not . 

One of my favourite tunes from my ill spent youth is Raspberry Beret , by Prince.(Wigan Pier , 1987, You Know Who You Are). Say the title and I see the Girl wearing the Beret.Foxy, Dita Von Teese like.Oooh La La ! Va Va Voom ! I see the colour. A particular shade of red. Raspberry Red. Rasberry Sorbet . Raspberry Ripple.Sasparilla. Word Association. You can see where this is going. Onamatopoeic. On a mat ,a plate .On a plate, Raspberries .Outside on an old wooden table, in the sunshine , ready to eat. Eating Sunshine. Rasberries are evocative. Like Cherries , Roses , and Pears.

I went into the garden just as the light was failing to pick raspberries.

We bought and planted the canes the second summer after we moved here, around eight years ago.I am not a confident pruner. So they are very well established. And very messy indeed.

I ordered them from Thompson & Morgan. The previous caretakers of this garden used to order all of their seeds from Thompson & Morgan. I know, because we used to regularly receive catalogues from Thompson & Morgan , addressed to Mrs E P********* , long after Mr P had died and Mrs P had been ushered away to the nursing home. Sending catalogues to ghosts. I felt that the garden would like a bit of continuity. And that Mr & Mrs P would be looking on ,nodding approvingly. So I carried on ordering from Thompson & Morgan too. It felt like the Right Thing To Do.

They are called Glenn Moy, the raspberries, that’s the variety . In the catalogue it said that they were big. And juicy. There didn’t seem to be much more to ask of a raspberry ; they had delivered. So I ordered those, and delivered, they were.

Every year we pick them. Some for the mouth and some for the pot. Last year I made jam , for the first time. I didn’t get it exactly right. There was the sloppy batch. Followed by the too sugary batch. And then there was the batch that was seasoned with Pataks curry , because I had run out of the jam jars that I had prepared and had resorted to using whatever receptacles I could lay my hands on. Heston Blumenthal, eat your heart out. Bet you havn’t done curried jam yet have you ? Come on Heston ,Innovate, Heston, Innovate .

 However , for all of the teething problems , it did begin to get better. I mixed rhubarb with rasberries , to good result. I made two large jars for my nieces & nephews – my nephew handed me back an empty kilner jar along with a request for a repeat prescription. Clearly Doctor Jam was now hitting the right  spot.

So. This year . . .what shall I do with these raspberries ? Freeze them ? Jam them ? Or Scram them, and throw them over vanilla ice cream ? I havn’t quite decided yet. But one thing’s for sure – I won’t be adding any curry.


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9 Responses to Raspberry Beret

  1. raspberry-blueberry muffins with curry sauce 🙂

    Wish I had raspberries in the garden like you….

  2. Caroline says:

    ‘Sending catalogues to ghosts’ – can I use this as a title to a novel? It’s perfect!
    And rhubarb with rasberry jam, please, thankyouverymuch x

  3. ‘Sending Catologues to Ghosts’ – I was pleased with that one myself : D – God knows where these lines come from, they just pop out without any warning mid flow – it is a very strange experience but also rather exhilarating !

    And Yes, of course, to the jam . I shall bring you some , lots xxx

  4. Guess what we are doing this morning… PICKING RASPBERRIES!! And jam will be made and the rest of them will be trundled round the village on a wheelbarrow so that the children can sell the blighters…
    Lovely to visit… and will be back. x

  5. Sandie says:

    – I bought myself some Raspberry Sage at the Farmers Market at Orton this week-end grown by Garth Cottage Nursery – a herb specialist. It smells gorgeous especially after rain – have you tried it? Apparently there are others – blackcurrant – orange etc.

    Now I understand the reference to Raspberry & Curry Jam on Twitter – have a great day……

  6. -Now that sounds gorgeous. I’ve seen pineapple mint (and other fruity minty numbers)but not raspberry sage – I shall look out for it, especially if it smells good after rain as I adore walking in the garden post-deluge as it is a veritable cornucopia of aromas. Favourite post -rain smell of the day is curry plant ,got one growing by back door. Heaven !

    As for raspberry & curry jam – on reflection I probably wouldn’t recommend : D

  7. I’m drooling all over the keyboard just reading about raspberries! Highly nommable post! 😉

  8. : D but maybe without the Pataks curry though : D

  9. Oh, I don’t know – I’ve eaten worse things than raspberry curry!

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