On Potting Up , and Nerds

Sometimes the thing that I love about gardening is just the simplicity of it.

 When there is Children Chaos , Domestic Sluttery,  a pile of ironing stretching into next week (and that’s after weeding out what I can get away without ironing – and I aim high )and not enough wine left from last night to make a full glass , I do the gardening equivalent of I Am Walking Out Of The Door And I Am Never Coming Back.  I  bugger off (Return of the Potty Mouth , Mark Morris Eat Your Heart Out)down to the bottom of the garden, to the greenhouse, to indulge in an hour or two of Potting Up.

 Yes, I know what you are thinking. Sweet Jesus, (you are thinking)is this what constitutes a thrill in this poor woman’s existence ? I don’t blame you . I am sort of thinking this myself.

But some days it is, yes.I don’t get out much. I’m still in the Kid Tunnel.

Today I potted on (up, same thing) some baby hollyhocks. I get a bit maternal towards my seedlings. I like to give them all a chance. Even the crap ones.I get a bit cross with hollyhocks as they take a year before they decide to flower. I  like them because they remind me of tissue paper flowers , like we used to make in the infants.

The beauty of Potting Up is that it doesn’t require much thought or effort. After a day spent  schlepping around that muddy domestic maze that takes me back to exactly where I started from – well, a bit of mindless potting up is a Fine Thing Indeed.

I was thinking, when I was potting up the baby hollyhocks, that I am (definately) a Nerd. I was thinking that I often really like nerds.I have met a few in my time.Once I fell in love with one.They have Hidden Depths.  

Gardening, Ornithology (don’t),and Information Technology are all fine Nerd stomping grounds.  As are : War Games, Collecting Fantasy Figures and Train Spotting but No Thankyou. I must be a Nature Nerd then. 

I wish that I had come out as a Nerd when I was much younger. So many wasted years . Huey Lewis (and his News)said that it is Hip To Be Square .That must be right then.I’m with Huey, and His News.

Potting Up  : It’s Brilliant.


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4 Responses to On Potting Up , and Nerds

  1. Have you ever considered being a bread nerd? 🙂 Potting up is a great and noble calling (wink).

    When I know there is potting up to be done – and I try to keep it to a minimum – all other chores pale into insignificance, after all these plants might die if we don’t tend them.. but I am curious about the Ornithology (don’t)…..

  2. – ooh, do you know, I have tried bread (several times )but I just can’t seem to make a decent loaf. I’ve tried oven & bread maker – all awful,it must be something that I am doing (or not). I would absolutely LOVE to make bread instead of buying it – that, and getting chucks , seem like the missing links chez the welsh garden… any tips welcomed : )
    -oh, the ornithology (‘don’t’) bit ? Well I actually love watching the feathered birdies but sadly some of my less salubrious friends and acquaintances would possibly attempt a cheap Sid James type joke re : BIRD watching. Yes, it is feeble, you are right . So i was merely pre-empting the inevitable : D

  3. Sorry, I didn’t see this till just now. I know nothing about chicken keeping, but I have an internet acquaintance in Sydney who has just got chickens who has been learning all about it : Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

    A robin came today while I was watering the dog with a hose and flew through the spray, sat on a branch and watched me brightly for a while, then I arc’ed the spray in front of her/him and she went through it again. That was a new one on me! I know they hang out waiting for you to dig up something interesting, but asking for a bath…

    I’d be happy to suggest some bread making ideas, what sort of bread would you like to make? What’s your favourite?

  4. Thanks – does Celia @Fig Jam and Lime Cordial have a blog ? – I am liking sound of the title if so – making my mouth water just thinking about fig jam and lime cordial, mind you, I havn’t had breakfast yet which may be something to do with it…

    Aw – your robin story made me smile, that is just a beautiful story – I adore robins (blackbirds too) – they seem to be such sociable birds, they don’t seem to fly away the minute that anyone is near by. We have a visiting robin that likes to sit by the ladybird tree at bottom of the garden. I remember there being lots of robins sitting around at Chalice Well in Glastonbury. I don’t know if you have ever been ? It is pronbably the most beautiful garden that I have ever seen – a very special atmosphere indeed.

    Bread – gosh, favourite ? I am a real bread freak , I love it all ! I particularly love walnut bread though , and hazlenut bread too which i tried once but it always seems to go too heavy when i make any kind of bread… any tips on how to blitz the overly heavy side of things would be much appreciated, thankyou !

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