‘ My Friend Wrote This ! ‘

This week I trolloped down to my local (provincial)Waterstones in search of two books , neither of which were in stock.

One was Gypsy Boy , which, given that there was an article in the Sunday Times mag sunday just gone and that it is splashed all over social networking sites right now you would think would be piled high ready for the inevitable customers.

But ,no.

Said bookshop also drew a blank on the book closest to my heart that I had gone in for ‘Like Bees To Honey’ by Caroline Smailes. It is on the 3 for 2 . Surely they would have that then.

But, again, no.

Grrr. I mean FFS. No wonder people are fucking off to Amazon in their droves and the highstreet is dying on it’s arse.

It’s not like I went in and asked for something bloody obscure that you couldn’t reasonably expect a provincial Waterstones to stock .

One book is on the 3 for 2 and  the other one is splashed all over Twitter and the Sunday supplements (deservedly so , I hasten to add)like a very beautiful  (not pomphilyx * then : D )   rash.

I don’t like to kick such a well loved dog when it is down,but sadly (and reluctantly) ,I give our local waterstones 6 months max before it is is replaced by yet another pound shop, and the highstreet reverts back to the grim eighties sight that it was before Culture arrived to bravely take up residence just up from McDonalds .

I really want to support our local bookshop.

But how can I, if they don’t stock what I need to buy ?

I had made the trip into town specially. With a baby in the mix this can be akin to a military operation. It would have been much easier to stay in doors , with the baby plonked in front of Dora, and order it online with several clicks.Done.

But I had been so looking forward to SEEING ‘Like Bees To Honey’ piled proudly on the 3 for 2 tables.

I WANTED to buy it the old fashioned way, to hand it to the shop assistant , exchange money in return for it to be handed back to me in a shiny new Waterstones bag.It felt like a neccessary ritual, the right thing to do – it was a point of honour almost , a mark of respect to the talent of my friend who writes beautiful books, and also simply to my friend, Caroline -and it was something that I had to do that day.

Yes, one of my oldest and dearest friend wrote this book. I have been apprehensive about mentioning it as to me she is simply Caroline, my very valued and well loved friend.

In Buddhism there is something called ‘Right Motivation’ . It means that whatever you do, so long as you do it from a pure and loving intention – ‘right motivation’ then it is the right thing to do. I have right motivation for writing about Caroline and her amazing book. Hope that’s ok with you Caroline : )

 I am super-proud of what she has achieved, and I want her to know how much we are supporting her.As long as she knows this I do not care what anyone else may think.

She is an incredibly special human being and I think that what she has acheived in her life and in her writing is truly exceptional and awe inspiring on many, many levels.The book sure as hell doesn’t need me  but I really needed to buythe book that day.

  It is a book that I would read . I was also looking forward to buying it in a proud mother hen kind of a way. I knew that I was going to have to try to resist ( without success)the inevitable urge to nudge complete strangers standing next to me at the ‘3 for 2’ table and bring them in with a confidential stage whisper of ‘my friend wrote that !’ – like a conspiring,puffed up pidgeon. 

But I didn’t get the opportunity. As they used to say back in Liverpool : We was robbed.

So,TF for Amazon.

Sorry Waterstones,I know you do online too, but I’m going there next.


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2 Responses to ‘ My Friend Wrote This ! ‘

  1. Caroline says:

    I love you all very very much x

  2. And We All love You All very, very much too x

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