Rain, and Cats channelling Queen Victoria


The day before yesterday I awoke early (5 am early) and the house was quiet (this is rare). An Opportunity , a  gift ,and to be seized , sharpish.Hotfooted it downstairs ,in search of Coffee and Garden ,cats wending in and out of step downing, cat dodging legs.

RAIN could be heard and sensed before the kitchen curtains were opened and I saw it  : Rain .Yay ! Shout louder – RAIN ! Hallellujah ! RAIN , after days of searing ,sun- beat- down heat that had  left vegetable bed earth dry and brittle  and courgettes tongue-out thirsty. 

Venturing out, yanking open the back door – it’s that kind of a house, doors often require yanking – how much yanking can depend upon the time of year (humidity levels). Outside .Soggy slippers and soaked edge trailing ‘jama bottoms step down the garden over wet shiny ruabon tiles .  Garden Rain Walking  : A baptism with the elements,an explosion of water fireworks, a shower  of waterfalls ,an olfactory wet earth overload,  a sensory orgy of life. 

I tried to sit under canvas but could not stay still : D

I took some photographs .  



But this was my favourite .  Cats ,  under canvas , scowling at the rain. Cats  channelling Queen Victoria . 

We Are NOT Amused.

Rain. I don’t think that they like it.


About In a Welsh Garden

Artist,Illustrator,Pro-face and body painter,Blogger and Happy Gardener : )
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2 Responses to Rain, and Cats channelling Queen Victoria

  1. Slowly reading, saving your blog posts for a treat. I love this one 🙂

  2. – same here ! – I keep returning to yours & celia’s (and several others)to read archived posts – it’s fab, like picking up a really good book again where you left off : )

    Mind you , mine do go on a bit, so they probably warrant more than one sitting lol

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