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On Potting Up , and Nerds

Sometimes the thing that I love about gardening is just the simplicity of it.  When there is Children Chaos , Domestic Sluttery,  a pile of ironing stretching into next week (and that’s after weeding out what I can get away without ironing – and I aim high )and not enough … Continue reading

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I beg your pardon …

As my ‘other half’ (or ‘BFS’ *- as he has somewhat predictably requested that he be abbreviated to for the purposes of this blog) pointed out, my two previous posts were nothing short of potty mouthed. Point Taken. So i’m going back to my bloggin’ … Continue reading

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‘ My Friend Wrote This ! ‘

This week I trolloped down to my local (provincial)Waterstones in search of two books , neither of which were in stock. One was Gypsy Boy , which, given that there was an article in the Sunday Times mag sunday just … Continue reading

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Rain …. and Books

Two things conspired against me this week in preventing me from getting anything much done in the garden – rain , and pomphilyx.  The rain is good ; the pomphilyx, not. The pomphilyx sounds like a mind boggling not to mention unholy trinity between a pommeranian and those cottage garden staples of stock … Continue reading

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Rain, and Cats channelling Queen Victoria

  The day before yesterday I awoke early (5 am early) and the house was quiet (this is rare). An Opportunity , a  gift ,and to be seized , sharpish.Hotfooted it downstairs ,in search of Coffee and Garden ,cats wending in and out … Continue reading

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